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We believe in a holistic approach to adult learning. We believe that your background and personal situation directly impact your learning capability and study success. All profile info will be kept confidential. Providing this information is optional; however your answers will help us assist you with your unique learning requirements. You may need some remedial training in order to progress as you desire. Or you may need to put business or personal situations in order before pursuing a stressful exam study regime.

Educational and Study Background:

1.What is the highest level of education you have achieved?

2.Please put a check by each one of the following exams you have taken within the past 5 years:

 Other (Please list below)

3.Is English your native language? Yes No 
4.Is your English reading comprehension at a college level? Yes No 
5.Did you complete at least one year of Algebra? Yes No 
6.On a scale of 1-5 (1 = weak; 5 = strong), please rank your:12345

Analytical Thinking:

Conceptual Thinking:

Problem Solving:

7.How many hours a week can you schedule for reading and study?  hours
8.Are you presently enrolled in another educational program (i.e. MBA)? Yes No

If yes, please describe:

9.Have you successfully completed a college level night class while working? Yes No

If yes, when?


Industry Experience and Goal:

1. How many years experience do you have with U.S. Customs procedures? year(s)
2. Include your resume or brief description of your professional background.

3. What is your 1 year career goal?

4. What is your 2 year career goal?

5. What is your 5 year career goal?


Other Factors (optional):

1. Describe the stress level of your job (examples: lay-offs expected, over-time, travel, seasonal workloads)

2. Describe your personal situations (married/single, children, other important family commitments, moving)

3. Do you consider yourself healthy? Yes No
4. Are you physically fit? Yes No
5. Are you experiencing financial difficulty or did you previously file for bankruptcy? Yes No
6. Have you been convicted of a felony? Yes No
7. Do you have a physical disability, which many require special arrangements on exam day? (Note: one student, whose eyesight was not correctible to 20/20, was allowed extra exam time and assistance with marking his answer sheet.) Yes No

If yes, please describe your needs.