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  1. Separately order the Customs Regulations and The Harmonized Tariff from the GPO well in advance to avoid study delays.

  2. The Customs Regulations and The Harmonized Tariff undergo periodic updates. Indefinite delays with publishers can occur which are beyond our control.

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  4. Before ordering, you may request a free guest pass to the on-line eCourse: CHB Exam Prep.

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  7. The Basics of Importing On-Line purchase includes access and content for three (3) months for one person.

  8. CHB Exam Prep On-Line purchase includes access and content for the next scheduled exam for one person. Course is most effective when requested at least 14 weeks prior to next April or October CBLE.

  9. Special Exam Tutorial for CHB Exam Prep is a one-on-one service for one active participant, during one exam study period, includes a maximum of 10 each 45-minute tutorial sessions via video conference, plus exam appeal assistance if needed.

  10. Tutorial Service by the 1/2 hour is for one person and provided by email, phone or video conference service.